For more than 60 years, NASCAR has been a sport with a rich

and intriguing history of drivers, teams, tracks and fans. NASCAR attracts the best racecar drivers from across the country and around the world, some of whom have competed in different racing series before coming to NASCAR. The sport's fans view NASCAR drivers as relatable heroes.


A NASCAR race is a sensory experience in person and on TV -

the roar of engines, the colorful competition, and the rumble when the field streaks by. NASCAR exudes raw power, as 43 racecars with more than 800HP reach speeds of nearly 200MPH for up

to 600 miles on highly banked tracks. NASCAR has 3 national racing series, 4 regional racing series, 1 local racing series,

and 2 international racing series. NASCAR sanctions more than 1,200 races at 100 tracks across more than 30 U.S. states, Canada, and Mexico. Fans are able to meet drivers, explore pit road,

and visit team race shops, as well as listen to driver/team communications during races.


2012 was the most competitive season in NASCAR history.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series set records for lead changes

and leaders per race; more than half of all NASCAR national series races had a margin of victory under 1 second.





• #1 sport in fan brand loyalty to sponsors among major U.S. sports.


• #1 spectator sport in the U.S. with an average of

100,000 fans at each NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Multiple NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events attract crowds of 150,000 or more. NASCAR races often draw larger crowds

than a Super Bowl, World Series game and NBA Finals

game combined.


• NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events typically add

$100‐$200 million to local and regional economies.


• #2 regular‐season sport on U.S. television; world class



More than 62 million people watched a NASCAR program

on U.S. television in 2014. Television viewership for all three NASCAR national series increased in 2012 compared to 2011, with strong increases among males 18-34. NASCAR is televised weekly in more than 150 countries around the world and

in approximately 20 languages. Its fans consume more than

six hours of NASCAR-related media each week. Forbes ranks the DAYTONA 500 the world’s #2 most valuable single-telecast sporting event, trailing only the Super Bowl.

NASCAR.COM (approximately 6 million unique views per month) is the home for official NASCAR news, live racing experiences, insightful opinion and exclusive video. Use of NASCAR.COM on mobile platforms is growing exponentially. In 2014 NASCAR had 26.8 million mentions on social media and a 55% increase in the average social mentions on race-day. Millions of fans follow NASCAR in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Fans can “like” NASCAR on Facebook and follow NASCAR on several different Twitter accounts, including @NASCAR & @NASCARHomeTrack. NASCAR has a dedicated 24‐hour channel on SIRIUS XM Radio, which also offers multiple race‐day channels that feature real‐time driver/team audio.


According to independent research published in Sports Business Journal, NASCAR ranks #1 among major U.S. sports when it comes to avid fans who indicate it is important

to be aware of sponsors and are more likely to consider trying, regularly consume, recommend, and consciously support a sponsor’s product or service.


• NASCAR is the No. 1 sport in sponsorship participation by Fortune 500 companies with 130 companies involved in the sport.


• A 10-month racing season is one of the longest of all major sports, creating marketing opportunities throughout the year.


• Nearly 50% of avid NASCAR Fans always buy products or services from NASCAR Sponsors.


• 9 out of 10 Avid NASCAR Fans indicate they appreciate what a sponsor provides to the NASCAR experience.


• Loyalty to sponsors and fans’ propensity to switch to brands that invest in motorsports is 3X greater than non-fans.


• Avid NASCAR Fans are more than twice as likely to recall sponsor brands (more than any other sport).


• NASCAR is engaging in an aggressive five-year strategic plan for growing the sport while maintaining its most avid fans.